8200 x 54 x 1,6

Robust, fully automated CNC band saw is generally suitable for cutting big series in the heaviest and non-stop operating plants, and also for cutting heavy workpieces of larger cross-sections. Exceptionally solid construction of the saw band arm and the massive dual-column arm support moving on linear lines ensure excellent stiffness of the whole system and accurate cut. A robust feed system of the vice on linear lines guarantees precise material feed.

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Industrial saw blade 54 x 1.6 mm is manufactured in many versions and allows for cutting of wide range of materials, including stainless steel or tool steel. For easier feed of heavy materials, the loading area is equipped with a pass-through roller track with a load-carrying capacity of 8 t/m. Full uplift vice ensures a quick and reliable workpiece clamping during cutting. The vice jaw together with the movable guide head of the saw blade are automatically adjusted on the linear guiding. Thus, it is located as close to the cut as possible, which contributes to the accuracy and speed of the cut and to the service life of the saw blade. Both guide heads of the saw blade are equipped with automatic control of the feed to the cut. The system monitors the current load on the saw blade and provides automatic coordination of an ideal cutting pressure and feed, considering the current profile of the cut material. This significantly speeds up and gives precision to the cut and increases the service life of the saw band.
Maximum cutting efficiency is maintained also thanks to the possibility of setting optimum saw blade speed by a frequency converter in the range from 15 to 110 m/min., which significantly contributes to cutting accuracy and service life of the saw blades. Ergonomic central control panel ensures easy and intuitive control of the machine. Simple creation of up to 99 programs with different lengths and number of pieces. After material clamping and pressing of a single switch, the machine will execute the complete cutting cycle – workpiece clamping, saw blade and cooling system start, cutting, saw blade and cooling stop, arm uplift to the original adjustable position above the material, vice unclamping, material feed to the preset length, material clamping and cutting.
The display allows you to track the number of cut pieces, the speed of the saw blade, and any error messages. When you switch to the manual mode, you can control all functions separately. The end of the cut material is indicated by an optical sensor. Large base and overall massive framework guarantee exceptional stability of the machine even when cutting heavy workpieces. For a comfortable chip removal, the machine can be equipped with a rake chip conveyor. The machine is equipped with a high-performance industrial hydraulic unit. Hydraulic unit allows you to set the required pressure of the vice. Hydraulic blade tensioning guarantees perfect tensioning of the saw blade.

  • In order to achieve maximum accuracy and productivity, the machine is designed only for upright cutting.
  • Very robust machine construction composes of massive castings and ensures safe vibration absorption.
  • Large diameter blade wheels and precise three-side solid carbide blade guides ensure long service life of the blade and cutting accuracy.
  • Overdesign of blade wheel bearings, tensioning wheel system and all rotary parts ensure long service life of the machine.
  • Noiseless and maintenance-free band drive is provided by an industrial electric motor with bevel-spur gearbox.
  • A circular steel brush powered by an industrial motor with a worm gearbox ensures removal of chips from the saw blade behind the cut.
  • The machine is connected to a complete cooling system with a high-performance pump and possibility of regulating the flow on both guiding heads independently and on two additional adjustable outlets. Rinsing pistol is used for easy cleaning of the machine. Coolant tank of approx. 100 l with a high-performance pump are placed in the base of the machine.
  • High-quality lighting of the work area by a line of powerful LEDs with a cover.
  • The machine checks correct tension or breakage of the saw blade. If the saw blade breaks, the machine automatically switches off.

Main motor 7,5 kW
Pump motor 0,09 W
Hydraulic motor unit 3 kW
Material feed length (multiple) 500 mm
Max. cutting in bundle 370 x 700 mm
Residual piece in NC operation 360 mm
Saw blade speed 15-110 m/min.
Saws blade tilt 3
Working height of vice 700 mm
Hydraulic system oil Paramol HM 32
Coolant tank 160 l
Machine dimensions (max.) 3840 x 2790 x 2760 mm
Machine weight 6500 kg
Frequency converter – Standard equipment

Enables continuous blade speed regulation between 15–90 m/min. and thus setting the optimum cutting conditions for the given material.

Hydraulic pressure device

Used to clamp bundles of material to be cut. Ensures reliable clamping by hydraulically controlled vertical contact pressure working within the machine’s cycle.

Halogen lamp

Provides good lighting of the workplace of the machine. An invaluable tool especially when the lighting at the workplace is insufficient.

Oil mist lubrication

Creates an oil mist that is sprayed onto the cutting edge. It replaces the use of a classic coolant, especially when cutting sections during which leakages may occur. Possibility of using organic oils.

Laser alignment

High-quality industrial laser projects the cutting line on the material to be cut. Makes the setting of the required material length simpler, faster and more accurate.

Chip rake conveyor

Ensures smooth removal of chips from the machine. Reduces the time needed for the cleaning of the machine especially when cutting series of full materials producing large amount of chips.